Is the World Economic Forum Promising Cyber-attack with COVID-like Characteristics?

The World Economic Forum is saying we could have a COVID-like Cyber-attack. I think Russia will try to pull-off a major cyber-attack, but it’ll be too crude and not do much damage. So, the Deep State aka New World Order will add to it and destroy the internet. Of course, they’ll say Russia did all of it. Remember how the politicians of the time acted like there were terrorists under every rock after 9/11? At the time, they couldn’t politically get away with having checkpoints and passports everywhere you go. Do you recall they tried by putting TSA/Homeland Security out along highways randomly? They placed VIPR teams along the interstate for almost a decade after 9/11. It wasn’t very popular or welcome.

Fast-forward a decade and COVID gave the deep state the excuse they needed to try again. Except this time the checkpoints were everywhere. They had businesses with state and local governments checking credentials. They proved they could do this without sufficient pushback, d which depended on the majority political ideology in each state. It ended-up being if you live in a blue state then they attempted, and often succeeded in implementing it. Between the Patriot Act, no fly lists, enemy combatant declarations, and COVID-19 mandates, and passports there is a strong indication, that with a scary enough reason – like collapsing the internet, they could implement a “Patriot Passport” and then sell it as being part of your patriotic-duty to keep us safe from Russians. The WWII effort was highly intrusive and corrosive to American Liberties. So, a similar approach that mimics and sounds like that war effort would likely be added as part of their push for its adoption. Once they do this, and probably soon if they go this route, it will be like Russians are under every rock. They’ll kill-off the internet and say Russia did it. Probably say they were on American or European soil was the key to their success. This aspect of the false flag will enhance the reasoning for the passports. These patriot passports will be required everywhere you go in public. If anyone thinks this is crazy after they actually did passports blue states, no fly lists, and so on, then I can’t help you. They will track and monitor every little thing we do, and use social scoring to assign us to a number of tiered categories. These categories will define the privileges you have, no more rights. For example, if you are like me, and speak out, and if by some miracle, you are not in a death camp, you’ll be at the lowest tier. You would basically be considered the highest risk of being a secret Russian and placed under house arrest. So, Amazon and other delivery services will be your life line, at your expense of course. Maybe Amazon will offer a “high risk of being a Ruskey” membership. They could call it “Prime-Suspect”… for only $499 a year! The Patriot Passport social scoring could have levels that go up from there. Maybe you’ll get to the point where you are finally allowed to drive your car again, except you are on the no fly list. Then as you go higher it’ll be (almost) like you have rights again. But, don’t talk about anything political except maybe to agree with Biden, or some other deep state globalist God like Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney. I’m sure talking-up the Clinton’s would get you social points. Stick to sports, food, pets, entertainment…

Everyone needs to know and really understand this and then post it on social media like as if their lives depend on it, because it does, and email the people in power that you know. If a large percentage of us are saying “we know, and we won’t tolerate this,” then they might think twice. The pushback they received after 9/11 delayed this whole thing in my opinion. So, let’s delay it at a minimum. But we should keep educating people because they will keep trying with something new until they get their slave system in place. As it stands now, they are not going to backdown. If they do back down, they know there is a really good chance of tribunals awaiting them when/if the right people get into power.