Two Outrageous Videos – the Ultra-Wealthy Admit Sustainable Development will Turn us Into Slaves and a Third World Country

In the first video link below… it was produced for the Forum for the Future they say the city called “Planned-opolis”

  • Main character is the narrator. She says her husband works from home (this video was produced around 2009) as a virtual engineer.  – working from home is one of their goals… COVID-19 provided the perfect excuse to implement it within the fortune 500. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. But, it does show this was planned, among other things, and the pandemic gave them reason to do this.
  • A mega computer is in charge – yes, they really say that.
  • One of  the newspapers in the very beginning has a headline “Globe On Low-Carb Diet.”
  • She mentions a calorie ration card. Which means they control what we eat through rationing and micro-management.
  • There won’t be good choices for food and they say there will be no meat (it will be very rare like only for your birthday)
  • They are better off than most and there are ghettos
  • The name of the ghetto is “Cry Freedom ghettos” This implies there is no freedom.
  • Food is distributed and controlled by a “Global Food Council”
  • Transportation is centralized, tightly planned, and controlled. This means your movements are too.
  • We will not have cars in city centers – only the rich. This means no cars at all since everyone has to live in these cities – no rural living. This part is not in the video, but you can look it up, this is the plan of the UN and World Economic Forum.
  • That the state says cars are bad and that we have to meet our carbon agreement. Paris Treaty exists now, but this video was in 2009.
  • That careers are assigned to people, therefore, our jobs will be chosen like the Soviets did.

Propaganda Video of the Future Under Sustainable Development
  • It says very little meat, you won’t own anything. This means we have NO RIGHTS in order to accomplish this. In history, this has proven to be very deadly for people.
  • the U.S. will lose its status and be like the level of Turkey.
  •  They show a bunch of neat futuristic things so it doesn’t look like they are focused on making slaves out of all of us.
  • We will be overrun by refuges like Europe is now. The media ignores how much crime and chaos it is causing nowadays.
    • They’re doing this for a clash of cultures so the existing one will be scrapped and turn into a third world country.
  • Carbon taxes and credits… the cost gets passed onto us on top of losing all of our rights.

World Economic Forum Propaganda Video of what the Future will Look Like as a “Good Thing” for Sustainable Development

Translated Soviet Document? Nope, New York State

Soviet version of New York’s Flag with Stalin and Communist Symbol

I’ve translated the document below from corporate, political-hack speak so you can see how insane the creeps in power really are:


In addition to establishing more allies statewide, New York State is doing the same thing with organizations that were already zealots of the State’s ideology. This includes the ideology of continuing to have devices work between different organizations nationwide, and striving to push common practices to unify digital health licenses. In doing so, the State allied with the “Push for Vaccine Licenses,” an ideological movement of more than 800 public and private organizations including The Mayo Clinic, Boston Children’s Hospital, Microsoft, MITRE, and The Commons Project Foundations, to license more individuals. In order to license them they will have to carry a privacy-preserving copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record. As a leading United States member of VCI, New York State has monkeyed around with pushing the SMART Health Card standards for states, countries, and other vaccine license issuers.

Note: The Commons Project Foundation is basically an offshoot of the World Economic Forum.