Translated Soviet Document? Nope, New York State

Soviet version of New York’s Flag with Stalin and Communist Symbol

I’ve translated the document below from corporate, political-hack speak so you can see how insane the creeps in power really are:


In addition to establishing more allies statewide, New York State is doing the same thing with organizations that were already zealots of the State‚Äôs ideology. This includes the ideology of continuing to have devices work between different organizations nationwide, and striving to push common practices to unify digital health licenses. In doing so, the State allied with the “Push for Vaccine Licenses,” an ideological movement of more than 800 public and private organizations including The Mayo Clinic, Boston Children’s Hospital, Microsoft, MITRE, and The Commons Project Foundations, to license more individuals. In order to license them they will have to carry a privacy-preserving copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record. As a leading United States member of VCI, New York State has monkeyed around with pushing the SMART Health Card standards for states, countries, and other vaccine license issuers.

Note: The Commons Project Foundation is basically an offshoot of the World Economic Forum.