Translated Soviet Document? Nope, New York State

Soviet version of New York’s Flag with Stalin and Communist Symbol

I’ve translated the document below from corporate, political-hack speak so you can see how insane the creeps in power really are:


In addition to establishing more allies statewide, New York State is doing the same thing with organizations that were already zealots of the State’s ideology. This includes the ideology of continuing to have devices work between different organizations nationwide, and striving to push common practices to unify digital health licenses. In doing so, the State allied with the “Push for Vaccine Licenses,” an ideological movement of more than 800 public and private organizations including The Mayo Clinic, Boston Children’s Hospital, Microsoft, MITRE, and The Commons Project Foundations, to license more individuals. In order to license them they will have to carry a privacy-preserving copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record. As a leading United States member of VCI, New York State has monkeyed around with pushing the SMART Health Card standards for states, countries, and other vaccine license issuers.

Note: The Commons Project Foundation is basically an offshoot of the World Economic Forum.

Blue States Pave the Way for Social Scoring in America.

See the letter image included below and note the sentence, “New York State Excelsior Pass Blueprint: A national framework for building and implementing digital health credentials.”
If you look at the term “digital health credentials,” the word credentials has the root “credo.” Credo is Latin for “I believe.” So, the word credential means “I believe your health status.” Who the hell are they to look at our health status in the first place? So, they are saying that these passports are the first of more to come in proving that your health status can be believed. These anti-American passes are being nationally implemented. Interestingly, and probably not coincidently, the phrase “credit score” with the word credit also has the root credo in it. “I believe it that you are socially healthy. China tracks it’s citizens everywhere they go through. They do it all through the cameras they have everywhere using facial recognition and other dystopic biometric tracking measures. In the U.S. we, also have cameras everywhere including the cameras tied to Ring servers and other services like Ring. The Ring servers allow access for law enforcement to review them. All of the private Ring feeds are accessible if the subscriber does not opt out of this option. The tech industry in the U.S. already has everything it needs in place to implement social scoring. It wouldn’t take much to convert these electronic health passes into social scoring apps. Imagine automatically going on the no fly list if your social credit score goes below a certain threshold. China does this. China is obviously the model for a global plan to track and control its population. This includes people who simply disagree with the State’s narrative.

“The nations first health credential blueprint for states.”
You see this sentence when you look at the words “nation,” and “states” (plural) underlined in this letter from New York State’s Governor. These two words mean they have adopted it throughout the whole U.S. and plan to implement it in every State.
The word “first” means there will be more than one reason to prove your health status beyond COVID vaccine status.
Will this be used to track dietary mandates? Will it be used as a social scoring tracking app? It could be argued that functioning socially. in a way the government and Fortune 500 (same thing) approve of, proves your mental health status. The sky is the limit with the level of evil and slavery these passes will enforce. These passes clearly and obviously violates the 4th amendment against unreasonable search. Yes, this is unreasonable. The snake politicians who are pushing this for their kickbacks and the talking heads will say it is legal because the Fortune 500, and private companies in general, are doing this. When you look at historical precedent of how private companies are regulated, no they cannot do this legally.

Also, included in her letter after all the fluff and bullshit that only the dimmest of wits would believe, is the word “interconnected.” Having our health status shared all of the nation at participating restaurants, venues, box retail stores, schools, malls, and so on is actually a scary concept. Having an interconnected network of information sharing about something very personal was laughed-off as conspiracy theory only a few years ago. This despite, the World Economic Forum, and the fortune 500 and wealthy members already pushing this concept. Well, here we are as “conspiracy theorists” pointed out. Conspiracy theory is an ad hominem attack against a reasonable argument a person can make. This doesn’t stop low information people from throwing out that term and thinking, that somehow, this means they legitimately made a valid counter-argument or point.

World Economic Forum, and UN NGO Propaganda Video “Predict” Green Zones in the United States.

There are two videos. One from a United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) , and the other from The World Economic Forum

The first video was produced for the Forum for the Future. The Forum for the Future Trustees include executives from the Fortune 500 as well as those with close ties to the Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and it is listed as a UN Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

It was produced by the non-profit Grain Media. Grain media receives funding from mostly United Nations NGO’s. These organizations split into many other groups that fund each NGO including philanthropists and the fortune 500. They are basically very wealthy and powerful groups with an agenda to change society under the guise of sustainable development. One way to get a glimpse into their agenda is to view this video. It appears to be advocating these “plannedopolis.” The Plannedopolis concept aligns with UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the World Economic Foundation founder’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” also known as the Great Reset. It looks like a green zone with those a regime desires, and everyone else lives in ghettos.

The second video listed above, was put out by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is a powerful forum group that steers policy worldwide. They shape the world by all meeting and agreeing to implement policies within the Fortune 500, and government. They openly advocate and push for cooperation between government and industry. The WEF calls it “stakeholder capitalism” and their propaganda treats industry and government cooperation like it’s some novel and utopian concept. It’s actually very dangerous and it never worked in the past under feudalism, communism, and fascism.

The WEF proposed using COVID-19 as an opportunity to turn off our existing economy and then turn it back on in a way that they say is “better” for everyone. This is what a reset is, turn off and then back on. It’s like how desktop computers have a reset button. When you push the reset button it to reboot or turn off and then on again When you look at the above two videos, I don’t think they mean “better” in the same way we would think of it. Apparently, better to them means a planned mega city with little or no one owning anything, no United States as we know it, no cars unless you are a WEF member, they choose your job or career, and ghettos of outsiders versus a few who live a bit better in the green zone. That sounds a lot like 1984. The WEF calls it the “great reset” and the UN calls it Agenda 2030. All of these goals have a deadline of mostly 2030 with both WEF and the UN. They like to make it sound as though it benefits everyone. The members and leaders of the WEF are smart enough to know that their “Great Reset” will cause an even greater divide rather than any improvement. It will be much worse than the economic, political, and social divide that we see at present.

Shockingly, the CDC outlines green zones in the United States using COVID-19 as the excuse to do so. It is very likely that politicians and bureaucrats are behind this policy with direct connections to WEF or one of the many UN NGO’s who are pushing for the plannedopolis concept. will own nothing and be happy, Western values will disappear, and the US will be reduced to nothing. – World Economic Forum

In his book, The Great Reset, published ten years prior to COVID-19 pandemic, discusses The Great Reset and how to accomplish it. He argues that we need to take advantage of crises to transform our economy. He uses the financial crises of 2008 to springboard off of, and likens it to the changes that occurred in the late nineteenth century.

Ten years later, COVID-19 comes along, and Kraus Schwab, and the WEF start pushing The Great Reset using the pandemic as the crises to implement it. There is strong evidence that COVID-19 is manmade and it was released from Wuhan lab. Documents from the Pentagon’s science division, DARPA, released documents that show NIH and others attempted to partner with them to create a virus exactly like COVID over in Wuhan, China. DARPA declined for the reason that this violets ethics.

Richard Florida wrote about the Great Reset in 2010:

Richard Florida of the World Economic Forum Wrote a Book about the Great Reset in 2010

Shocking Facts about Common Pass – Health Passports

This is shocking. In 2019, The Commons Project was established to “create digital public infrastructure.” Conveniently COVID came along right away to help provide an urgent reason tp push it. So they were able to do so under the name of The Common Pass (sounds Communist). Fourteen States have adopted Common Pass. One example is NY State. NY bureaucrats clearly used their imagination to its fullest and name rename it to “Excelsior Pass.”

So there are groups in the background who aren’t very familiar to most of the public. They

As an introduction to Common Pass/Excelsior Pass, the Governor’s ridiculous letter on the Excelsior Pass website implies that you can’t do anything without this health pass. She says it’s voluntary even though it’s mandatory unless you want to be stuck at home. I guess if not having the right to go anywhere is a choice then it’s voluntary. She likens it to other Government technology like traffic lights. Eh, no big deal it’s just like a traffic light. Well, the last time I checked traffic lights don’t completely deny you the right to enter a building, or travel from point A to point B. Maybe she means if you end-up at a broken traffic light stuck on red?

36 Reasons to Avoid Covid-19 Vaccine

NOTE: This is a draft – sources will be filled in, grammar, and wording corrected/improved as I have time. I wanted to, at least, get this list published.

  1. There aren’t any exceptions/waivers other than a medical one which is difficult to get. Wall Street Journal
  2. There is a higher rate of mortality among the vaccinated per credible studies. FDA
  3. They’re not effective, and again per #2 above, they appear to be an immunity liability.
  4. Countless athletes who had just received the shot fall over on the field. It is not once in a blue moon like it used to be.
  5. The creator of mRNA said it’s deadly. The media says he has an agenda but keep in mind they are funded by big pharma.
  6. FDA is 45% funded by big pharma AND there is a revolving door with big pharma.
  7. Media receives billions from big pharma. This is obvious when you watch the news with all the pharmaceutical ads.
  8. Retired Pfizer VP in charge of vaccine development also said these shots are deadly.
  9. Doctors get fired and lose their license if they disagree.
  10. Countries with a super majority and up to 100% of the population vaccinated still having huge outbreaks. These countries don’t allow foreigners in without having the vaccine. They still have high hospitalizations as cited and confirmed by a Harvard study.
  11. Japan put a warning label for myocarditis and our media ignored it. That’s newsworthy, and very serious. People have a right to know this so they can make an informed decision. Why did they ignore it. It should’ve been a headline.
  12. The FDA list of ingredients show that the children’s version has dangerous heart meds in them, but not the adult version. Other than dose, that’s the only difference. Why do they need heart meds in them if the cardiovascular problems are as rare as they say they are.
  13. COVID passports with checkpoints at each doorway being pushed. There is no valid reason for tyranny like this. Obviously, the pandemic is an excuse to get us acclimated to our future enslavement.
  14. COVID concentration camps in Australia and Canada, see also, Austria, and planned for the United States, and in blue states. NY is trying to pass a law that allows the State to forcibly quarantine people (yes, really!), Washington state as well.
  15. Coercion by making Fortune 500 and Government mandate the shots or lose your job. This is force. Coercion by the Fortune 500 absent any mandates.
  16. Coercion is force per Nuremberg, and case law precedent. The heads of government and industry know this is force and illegal. So, why are they so hell bent on breaking the law to get you to take these shots?
  17. FDA head said PCR tests are unreliable. Everything is based on these tests. So why are we forcing people? Why the passports with checkpoints? Why concentration camps? Why is NY and WA State trying to give itself the authority to forcefully quarantine people by physically taking them to COVID camps (I don’t care if it’s a hotel. You could put them up at the Four Seasons for all I care. Kidnapping is kidnapping. No due process.
  18. No due process!
  19. Social media bans those who dissent. There is no justification for this. I’m not talking about the legal argument of the private sector. I’m talking about the fact that they do it at all. It’s insulting to everyone on top of that. This is an oligopoly, and this justifies government intervening and stopping it. If this were not the case, then people would flee to competition who don’t censor, and it would be in much higher numbers. But when you only have other social media that do this, then it’s oligopoly. Other platforms are offering no censorship, but most people aren’t there yet, so again, no real choice. Maybe someday, but the effect is that people are not hearing alternative, credible information so they can’t make an informed decision. To censor and therefore, prevent people from seeing this information is criminal… period.
  20. The entire system is in lockstep pushing these shots, mandates, passports, and forceful quarantines (concentration camps). See links in the other reasons listed.
  21. Big pharma advertised mRNA shots as having around 95% efficacy… this was an obvious lie when they first introduced it, and it is undeniably a lie now.
  22. 99.98% of people survive COVID, and this is with those who are high risk factored in. When you take out high risk, it is so close to 100% that you might as well say 100%… it’s a joke.
  23. Comorbidities are getting confused with COVID as the cause. In other words, when someone enters a hospital for non-COVID reasons, they are tested. The inaccurate PCR tests then show positive. The person dies from the reason they showed-up to begin with, like a car accident. Both reasons are recorded as COVID. Then the COVID stats get go higher. Rinse and repeat. These are unbelievable criminals.
  24. The media keeps saying that every expert who disagrees is not credible, and then they roll-out something that supposedly discredits them as an individual (ad hominem). They act like none of them are credible (out of many, at least hundreds that we know of)? None? Even if only three experts were screaming from the rooftops, I would say surely there must be something to it. But there are hundreds at least. Does this sound like reality to you? It doesn’t in my reality. If they can’t discredit it them, then they ignore them.
  25. The scientists / experts who have everything to lose say these vaccines are deadly. There is nothing the gain by doing this, and in fact they lose. They get death threats, they lose their license, no one will hire them again.
  26. Experts who work for Big Pharma and the revolving door government have nothing to lose, and in fact will likely get promoted for selling this lie. Even the experts who aren’t part of the establishment have nothing to lose.
  27. Bill Gates funds Bio-N-Tech. He is for population control. That’s enough of a reason for me. The disaster he had with vaccines in India and Africa. Call me crazy but someone who advocates population control funding something that gets injected into your body is not a good combination.
  28. The World Economic Forum has been pushing the very things that the pandemic is accomplishing. One major thing is the organization that launched Common Pass. It was created right before the pandemic. In 2019, The Commons Project was established to “create digital public infrastructure.” I also have a quick paragraph here with screenshots pieced together.
  29. The COVID passports, checkpoints to verify them, mandates, travel restrictions, forced quarantines, the destruction of any business not in the Fortune 500, the censorship, the medical dictatorship that controls doctors and nurses by threatening to revoke their medical license if they dissent.
  30. The head of the CDC has said over 75% of COVID deaths occurred in people with at least four comorbidities (paraphrased). Good Morning America via Twitter video
  31. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who knowingly funded gain of function research, for the creation of a virus like COVID-19, perjured himself to Congress over it. DARPA the scientific arm of the Pentagon documents obtained by Project Veritas contradict his testimony as well as a top NIH official. REJECTION OF DARPA DEFUSE PROJECT PROPOSAL, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: DEFUSE, BROAD AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT PREventing EMerging Pathogenic Threats(PREEMPT), U.S. Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy’s Report to Inspector General of DoD, Washington Examiner via MSN
  32. The hospitals are always on the edge of being overwhelmed and with staff shortages. In fact, in 2018 they set-up tents in the parking lots. Time via Yahoo News. We saw a stronger strain of the regular flu which resulted in 80,000 deaths. Normally, the flu is around 20,000 give or take. There were tents in the hospital parking lots for that flu outbreak. When you look strictly at hospital capacity, shortages, tents, COVID isn’t causing more of an impact than a strong flu strain. Then there are the comorbidity issues, as mentioned above, which inflate the statistics.
  33. Refusing to treat unvaccinated in hospitals and/or health insurance companies refusing to pay for treatment.
  34. Lying about alternative treatments by saying they aren’t approved, and/or they aren’t safe. This doctor was fired from the hospital she worked at in Houston. She also had to help a patient sue another hospital to be allowed to administer ivermectin. The patient had been on a ventilator for months. Ivermectin was approved years ago by the FDA. So as far as the same establishment saying not to use it, is concerned, it was already declared safe by them. Administering it for the treatment of COVID-19 is off-label prescribing. Doctors do it all the time.
  35. Unvaccinated in the hospital not being treated with known alternative treatments proven to work while vaccinated are treated. This allows them to say that the unvaccinated get more sick than vaccinated. This is why some areas statistics line right-up with mainstream media propaganda that the unvaccinated are in the hospital in higher numbers. Then you have other areas where the majority are vaccinated. This is also attributed to areas that have higher vaccine rates, but at minimum it shows the vaccines are not effective.
  36. Counting vaccinated as unvaccinated.