Oops the NYT Didn’t Completely Delete Part of an Old Article’s Inconvenient Truth About Canadian Government.

Oops the New York Times appears to have made a mistake. I noticed it, or they didn’t think people wouldn’t read far enough into this article. I clearly recall both the headline, and the first sentence of this article saying something like the Queen dissolved Canadian Parliament for the third time. You can tell they forgot to alter or remove this, ” and asked her to dissolve Parliament..” There is no predicate for this sentence in this altered version of the article. For “fair use,” I took a screenshot of it and highlighted it (see attached screenshot). I bet Buckingham Palace reached out to the NYT and convinced them to change it. They don’t really want people knowing that she is in charge over Canada. She still holds all the cards in the Commonwealth nations. They go on to say her position is purely ceremonial. What a joke. It’s like saying my car can go 150 mph, but it can only go 50 mph. The statement is self contradictory, oxymoronic. They don’t even try that hard to hide things, but it’s enough if society is self-absorbed and distracted by trivial crap all the time.

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