Prediction of Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS)


  • As the months pass by, more and more ‘vaccinated’ people, in ever greater numbers, will begin to show symptoms of VAIDS. In effect, these symptoms will be much the same as those associated with HIV and AIDS (see list of symptoms above), and ultimately, as the Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome reaches its zenith, sepsis will become evident in many, and death will likely follow soon after.
  • Mainstream media and governments will be tasked to label those becoming sick and dying from VAIDS, as instead being the victims of more new strains of coronavirus. So long as people fall for this ruse, the number of new strains that will emerge are essentially infinite in number. The propaganda broadcasters simply need to manufacture the fear factor and apply it to any strain, no matter how benign it may be.
  • The main tactic that must be employed by the State is to convince the public (and compliant medical staff) that the symptoms they are seeing are caused by the variant, and to discount any other medical diagnosis. Of course, we have already seen people who died in road accidents labelled as a COVID death, so this propaganda tactic is already been proven to work on many who have remained totally blinkered to the great con game that is ensuing.
  • As symptoms of VAIDS (chronic immunodeficiency and particularly sepsis) become ever more prevalent in hospital cases and in death reports, the propaganda will focus on getting the general public and medical staff to regard symptoms previously relating to a diagnosis of sepsis (and associated medical issues directly resulting from immunodeficiency) being medically ‘redefined’ as symptoms of new COVID variants. We have already seen this underhand tactic in regards to the sudden redefining of words such ‘vaccine’ and ‘herd immunity’ by the WHO and the CDC over the last two years. See the article “CDC changes definition of “vaccines” to fit Covid-19 vaccine limitations” by the award winning journalist Sharyl Attkinson.
  • Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome will eventually become the central topic of debate as those within the medical industry, who have so far blindly obeyed their pharmaceutical industry masters, begin to realise that they have been party to the biggest medical crime in history, and suddenly comprehend that they are facing a new AIDS pandemic on an unimaginable scale – “the VAIDS Pandemic”.
  • Ultimately, politicians, doctors and scientists, who have been instrumental in this monumental crime against humanity, will – as they always do – declare that “mistakes were made, lessons have been learnt.”

This time around, the people who have awoken in such large numbers during the last two years, must not allow them or their puppet masters to get away with it. It is time to take back our society.


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