What are the Ultra-Wealthy Planning for Us?

It’s imperative that we know who our enemies are and what they are planning. They call it communitarianism… which is a hybrid communism, feudalism high tech driven hellhole.

The World Economic Forum founder and members want to re-engineer society in a way that benefits them. They like to throw out innocent well-meaning sounding buzz words like sustainability, mobility, smart this and smart that, stakeholder this or that… The economic system as we know it will cease to exist. The ultra-wealth will really own everything, and then they will decide how you get to use it all.

A system of rewards and punishments will be used. The punishments will be severe and nightmarish. Even if you build-up the rewards and “climb” in their system of mind games, the mind games will never end. It will be continuous mind games consisting of changing words all the time, deleting things in the past that contradict their narrative. The facts will change constantly. People will not want to listen, but the regime will build in reasons for you to stay on top of their narrative. They will have ways of testing you to see if you believe things that are “misinformation.” People who hold views that aren’t officially true are dangerous after all.

They will be constantly spewing out confusing, contradicting news on overall societal issues. We will be constantly entertained and distracted except for the reminders on how to be a model citizen. If you are found to believe in anything that is not “true,” then you will lose substantial points under the scoring system, and may end-up in a reeducation and hard labor camp.

The social scoring that is currently being used in China (the Chinese Communists work for them) will be use worldwide. If you jump through all their little hoops, then you will be allowed to use their buildings, like apartments, and have more useless things that people go into debt over in our current consumerist economic system. If you talk back to them, by somehow getting around all their roadblocks online, you will lose massive points and be subject to arrest. If their cameras, for example, with facial-recognition and gait analysis, already in place, see you j-walking… you lose points. If you lose too many then off to the gulags. If you have the bare minimum, then you live in the cockroach, 100 sq ft community-oriented apartment with no travel rights. At the next level you can get the 200 sq ft apartment and you might get the perk of walking in the park in the evening. If you are a really huge suck-up, then you can living similar to the middle class of present day, except not a residential house. The way it will be different is the continuous social scoring, and the apps that bark orders at you reminding you what is a violation all the time. Of course, that will always change to keep you listening to it. Families will not be allowed to live alone as a unit, and everything beyond basic privacy needs like the bathroom will be community oriented. So, you will always have people constantly around annoying the hell out of you. You know, the types that you have to watch out for in an office or other work setting will be the ones who you have to appease continuously and act like you are the alley of to keep from losing points. T

The yuppies of today who are always politically correct and take professionalism to an extreme, you know the ones who jump through all our voluntary hoops like the latest fashions, and how to keep-up with avoiding all the changing feux pas, will be the ones who enforce all of this garbage. They’ll have some exceptions to the scoring made for them, but it won’t be impossible to tumble from favor.

You won’t own anything the WEF says. This is what it could look like. There will be no cars because they represent individuality and/or family, there will only be centralized mass transportation. You will not be allowed outside metro areas, except on very rare occasion because of the “delicate ecosystem” we may disturb. As stated above, your apartment will be very small, just enough for a bed and a tiny bathroom, and this is after you sucked-up sufficiently to get away from the bare minimum community housing. It will be one step up from the gulag. If you are a complete Kool-Aid drinker, the pro vaccine coercion folks of today, then you will have something like the equivalent of a modern average master bedroom/bathroom as an apartment. But, everything else is community, a community kitchen, community living room, etc. You will lose points for being in your bedroom longer than 8 hours though. As you go up in points, little perks are earned like 9 hours instead of 8. You might get calorie card points where you can have an ice-cream or whatever. These are all examples of what their goals could look like.

You know, to “save the planet.” Even if there is climate-_change and eco-system damage, I’d rather see us turn the whole planet into a parking lot. What’s the point if you have to live like that? It’s being phased in right now. It’s not something we can selfishly shrug off for future generation to deal with. We have to do something about it, or we are set to live that way.

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