Blue States Pave the Way for Social Scoring in America.

See the letter image included below and note the sentence, “New York State Excelsior Pass Blueprint: A national framework for building and implementing digital health credentials.”
If you look at the term “digital health credentials,” the word credentials has the root “credo.” Credo is Latin for “I believe.” So, the word credential means “I believe your health status.” Who the hell are they to look at our health status in the first place? So, they are saying that these passports are the first of more to come in proving that your health status can be believed. These anti-American passes are being nationally implemented. Interestingly, and probably not coincidently, the phrase “credit score” with the word credit also has the root credo in it. “I believe it that you are socially healthy. China tracks it’s citizens everywhere they go through. They do it all through the cameras they have everywhere using facial recognition and other dystopic biometric tracking measures. In the U.S. we, also have cameras everywhere including the cameras tied to Ring servers and other services like Ring. The Ring servers allow access for law enforcement to review them. All of the private Ring feeds are accessible if the subscriber does not opt out of this option. The tech industry in the U.S. already has everything it needs in place to implement social scoring. It wouldn’t take much to convert these electronic health passes into social scoring apps. Imagine automatically going on the no fly list if your social credit score goes below a certain threshold. China does this. China is obviously the model for a global plan to track and control its population. This includes people who simply disagree with the State’s narrative.

“The nations first health credential blueprint for states.”
You see this sentence when you look at the words “nation,” and “states” (plural) underlined in this letter from New York State’s Governor. These two words mean they have adopted it throughout the whole U.S. and plan to implement it in every State.
The word “first” means there will be more than one reason to prove your health status beyond COVID vaccine status.
Will this be used to track dietary mandates? Will it be used as a social scoring tracking app? It could be argued that functioning socially. in a way the government and Fortune 500 (same thing) approve of, proves your mental health status. The sky is the limit with the level of evil and slavery these passes will enforce. These passes clearly and obviously violates the 4th amendment against unreasonable search. Yes, this is unreasonable. The snake politicians who are pushing this for their kickbacks and the talking heads will say it is legal because the Fortune 500, and private companies in general, are doing this. When you look at historical precedent of how private companies are regulated, no they cannot do this legally.

Also, included in her letter after all the fluff and bullshit that only the dimmest of wits would believe, is the word “interconnected.” Having our health status shared all of the nation at participating restaurants, venues, box retail stores, schools, malls, and so on is actually a scary concept. Having an interconnected network of information sharing about something very personal was laughed-off as conspiracy theory only a few years ago. This despite, the World Economic Forum, and the fortune 500 and wealthy members already pushing this concept. Well, here we are as “conspiracy theorists” pointed out. Conspiracy theory is an ad hominem attack against a reasonable argument a person can make. This doesn’t stop low information people from throwing out that term and thinking, that somehow, this means they legitimately made a valid counter-argument or point.

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