World Economic Forum, and UN NGO Propaganda Video “Predict” Green Zones in the United States.

There are two videos. One from a United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) , and the other from The World Economic Forum

The first video was produced for the Forum for the Future. The Forum for the Future Trustees include executives from the Fortune 500 as well as those with close ties to the Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and it is listed as a UN Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

It was produced by the non-profit Grain Media. Grain media receives funding from mostly United Nations NGO’s. These organizations split into many other groups that fund each NGO including philanthropists and the fortune 500. They are basically very wealthy and powerful groups with an agenda to change society under the guise of sustainable development. One way to get a glimpse into their agenda is to view this video. It appears to be advocating these “plannedopolis.” The Plannedopolis concept aligns with UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the World Economic Foundation founder’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” also known as the Great Reset. It looks like a green zone with those a regime desires, and everyone else lives in ghettos.

The second video listed above, was put out by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is a powerful forum group that steers policy worldwide. They shape the world by all meeting and agreeing to implement policies within the Fortune 500, and government. They openly advocate and push for cooperation between government and industry. The WEF calls it “stakeholder capitalism” and their propaganda treats industry and government cooperation like it’s some novel and utopian concept. It’s actually very dangerous and it never worked in the past under feudalism, communism, and fascism.

The WEF proposed using COVID-19 as an opportunity to turn off our existing economy and then turn it back on in a way that they say is “better” for everyone. This is what a reset is, turn off and then back on. It’s like how desktop computers have a reset button. When you push the reset button it to reboot or turn off and then on again When you look at the above two videos, I don’t think they mean “better” in the same way we would think of it. Apparently, better to them means a planned mega city with little or no one owning anything, no United States as we know it, no cars unless you are a WEF member, they choose your job or career, and ghettos of outsiders versus a few who live a bit better in the green zone. That sounds a lot like 1984. The WEF calls it the “great reset” and the UN calls it Agenda 2030. All of these goals have a deadline of mostly 2030 with both WEF and the UN. They like to make it sound as though it benefits everyone. The members and leaders of the WEF are smart enough to know that their “Great Reset” will cause an even greater divide rather than any improvement. It will be much worse than the economic, political, and social divide that we see at present.

Shockingly, the CDC outlines green zones in the United States using COVID-19 as the excuse to do so. It is very likely that politicians and bureaucrats are behind this policy with direct connections to WEF or one of the many UN NGO’s who are pushing for the plannedopolis concept. will own nothing and be happy, Western values will disappear, and the US will be reduced to nothing. – World Economic Forum

In his book, The Great Reset, published ten years prior to COVID-19 pandemic, discusses The Great Reset and how to accomplish it. He argues that we need to take advantage of crises to transform our economy. He uses the financial crises of 2008 to springboard off of, and likens it to the changes that occurred in the late nineteenth century.

Ten years later, COVID-19 comes along, and Kraus Schwab, and the WEF start pushing The Great Reset using the pandemic as the crises to implement it. There is strong evidence that COVID-19 is manmade and it was released from Wuhan lab. Documents from the Pentagon’s science division, DARPA, released documents that show NIH and others attempted to partner with them to create a virus exactly like COVID over in Wuhan, China. DARPA declined for the reason that this violets ethics.

Richard Florida wrote about the Great Reset in 2010:

Richard Florida of the World Economic Forum Wrote a Book about the Great Reset in 2010

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