Shocking Facts about Common Pass – Health Passports

This is shocking. In 2019, The Commons Project was established to “create digital public infrastructure.” Conveniently COVID came along right away to help provide an urgent reason tp push it. So they were able to do so under the name of The Common Pass (sounds Communist). Fourteen States have adopted Common Pass. One example is NY State. NY bureaucrats clearly used their imagination to its fullest and name rename it to “Excelsior Pass.”

So there are groups in the background who aren’t very familiar to most of the public. They

As an introduction to Common Pass/Excelsior Pass, the Governor’s ridiculous letter on the Excelsior Pass website implies that you can’t do anything without this health pass. She says it’s voluntary even though it’s mandatory unless you want to be stuck at home. I guess if not having the right to go anywhere is a choice then it’s voluntary. She likens it to other Government technology like traffic lights. Eh, no big deal it’s just like a traffic light. Well, the last time I checked traffic lights don’t completely deny you the right to enter a building, or travel from point A to point B. Maybe she means if you end-up at a broken traffic light stuck on red?

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