Is the World Economic Forum Promising Cyber-attack with COVID-like Characteristics?

The World Economic Forum is saying we could have a COVID-like Cyber-attack. I think Russia will try to pull-off a major cyber-attack, but it’ll be too crude and not do much damage. So, the Deep State aka New World Order will add to it and destroy the internet. Of course, they’ll say Russia did all of it. Remember how the politicians of the time acted like there were terrorists under every rock after 9/11? At the time, they couldn’t politically get away with having checkpoints and passports everywhere you go. Do you recall they tried by putting TSA/Homeland Security out along highways randomly? They placed VIPR teams along the interstate for almost a decade after 9/11. It wasn’t very popular or welcome.

Fast-forward a decade and COVID gave the deep state the excuse they needed to try again. Except this time the checkpoints were everywhere. They had businesses with state and local governments checking credentials. They proved they could do this without sufficient pushback, d which depended on the majority political ideology in each state. It ended-up being if you live in a blue state then they attempted, and often succeeded in implementing it. Between the Patriot Act, no fly lists, enemy combatant declarations, and COVID-19 mandates, and passports there is a strong indication, that with a scary enough reason – like collapsing the internet, they could implement a “Patriot Passport” and then sell it as being part of your patriotic-duty to keep us safe from Russians. The WWII effort was highly intrusive and corrosive to American Liberties. So, a similar approach that mimics and sounds like that war effort would likely be added as part of their push for its adoption. Once they do this, and probably soon if they go this route, it will be like Russians are under every rock. They’ll kill-off the internet and say Russia did it. Probably say they were on American or European soil was the key to their success. This aspect of the false flag will enhance the reasoning for the passports. These patriot passports will be required everywhere you go in public. If anyone thinks this is crazy after they actually did passports blue states, no fly lists, and so on, then I can’t help you. They will track and monitor every little thing we do, and use social scoring to assign us to a number of tiered categories. These categories will define the privileges you have, no more rights. For example, if you are like me, and speak out, and if by some miracle, you are not in a death camp, you’ll be at the lowest tier. You would basically be considered the highest risk of being a secret Russian and placed under house arrest. So, Amazon and other delivery services will be your life line, at your expense of course. Maybe Amazon will offer a “high risk of being a Ruskey” membership. They could call it “Prime-Suspect”… for only $499 a year! The Patriot Passport social scoring could have levels that go up from there. Maybe you’ll get to the point where you are finally allowed to drive your car again, except you are on the no fly list. Then as you go higher it’ll be (almost) like you have rights again. But, don’t talk about anything political except maybe to agree with Biden, or some other deep state globalist God like Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney. I’m sure talking-up the Clinton’s would get you social points. Stick to sports, food, pets, entertainment…

Everyone needs to know and really understand this and then post it on social media like as if their lives depend on it, because it does, and email the people in power that you know. If a large percentage of us are saying “we know, and we won’t tolerate this,” then they might think twice. The pushback they received after 9/11 delayed this whole thing in my opinion. So, let’s delay it at a minimum. But we should keep educating people because they will keep trying with something new until they get their slave system in place. As it stands now, they are not going to backdown. If they do back down, they know there is a really good chance of tribunals awaiting them when/if the right people get into power.

Oops the NYT Didn’t Completely Delete Part of an Old Article’s Inconvenient Truth About Canadian Government.

Oops the New York Times appears to have made a mistake. I noticed it, or they didn’t think people wouldn’t read far enough into this article. I clearly recall both the headline, and the first sentence of this article saying something like the Queen dissolved Canadian Parliament for the third time. You can tell they forgot to alter or remove this, ” and asked her to dissolve Parliament..” There is no predicate for this sentence in this altered version of the article. For “fair use,” I took a screenshot of it and highlighted it (see attached screenshot). I bet Buckingham Palace reached out to the NYT and convinced them to change it. They don’t really want people knowing that she is in charge over Canada. She still holds all the cards in the Commonwealth nations. They go on to say her position is purely ceremonial. What a joke. It’s like saying my car can go 150 mph, but it can only go 50 mph. The statement is self contradictory, oxymoronic. They don’t even try that hard to hide things, but it’s enough if society is self-absorbed and distracted by trivial crap all the time.

Prediction of Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS)


  • As the months pass by, more and more ‘vaccinated’ people, in ever greater numbers, will begin to show symptoms of VAIDS. In effect, these symptoms will be much the same as those associated with HIV and AIDS (see list of symptoms above), and ultimately, as the Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome reaches its zenith, sepsis will become evident in many, and death will likely follow soon after.
  • Mainstream media and governments will be tasked to label those becoming sick and dying from VAIDS, as instead being the victims of more new strains of coronavirus. So long as people fall for this ruse, the number of new strains that will emerge are essentially infinite in number. The propaganda broadcasters simply need to manufacture the fear factor and apply it to any strain, no matter how benign it may be.
  • The main tactic that must be employed by the State is to convince the public (and compliant medical staff) that the symptoms they are seeing are caused by the variant, and to discount any other medical diagnosis. Of course, we have already seen people who died in road accidents labelled as a COVID death, so this propaganda tactic is already been proven to work on many who have remained totally blinkered to the great con game that is ensuing.
  • As symptoms of VAIDS (chronic immunodeficiency and particularly sepsis) become ever more prevalent in hospital cases and in death reports, the propaganda will focus on getting the general public and medical staff to regard symptoms previously relating to a diagnosis of sepsis (and associated medical issues directly resulting from immunodeficiency) being medically ‘redefined’ as symptoms of new COVID variants. We have already seen this underhand tactic in regards to the sudden redefining of words such ‘vaccine’ and ‘herd immunity’ by the WHO and the CDC over the last two years. See the article “CDC changes definition of “vaccines” to fit Covid-19 vaccine limitations” by the award winning journalist Sharyl Attkinson.
  • Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome will eventually become the central topic of debate as those within the medical industry, who have so far blindly obeyed their pharmaceutical industry masters, begin to realise that they have been party to the biggest medical crime in history, and suddenly comprehend that they are facing a new AIDS pandemic on an unimaginable scale – “the VAIDS Pandemic”.
  • Ultimately, politicians, doctors and scientists, who have been instrumental in this monumental crime against humanity, will – as they always do – declare that “mistakes were made, lessons have been learnt.”

This time around, the people who have awoken in such large numbers during the last two years, must not allow them or their puppet masters to get away with it. It is time to take back our society.


What are the Ultra-Wealthy Planning for Us?

It’s imperative that we know who our enemies are and what they are planning. They call it communitarianism… which is a hybrid communism, feudalism high tech driven hellhole.

The World Economic Forum founder and members want to re-engineer society in a way that benefits them. They like to throw out innocent well-meaning sounding buzz words like sustainability, mobility, smart this and smart that, stakeholder this or that… The economic system as we know it will cease to exist. The ultra-wealth will really own everything, and then they will decide how you get to use it all.

A system of rewards and punishments will be used. The punishments will be severe and nightmarish. Even if you build-up the rewards and “climb” in their system of mind games, the mind games will never end. It will be continuous mind games consisting of changing words all the time, deleting things in the past that contradict their narrative. The facts will change constantly. People will not want to listen, but the regime will build in reasons for you to stay on top of their narrative. They will have ways of testing you to see if you believe things that are “misinformation.” People who hold views that aren’t officially true are dangerous after all.

They will be constantly spewing out confusing, contradicting news on overall societal issues. We will be constantly entertained and distracted except for the reminders on how to be a model citizen. If you are found to believe in anything that is not “true,” then you will lose substantial points under the scoring system, and may end-up in a reeducation and hard labor camp.

The social scoring that is currently being used in China (the Chinese Communists work for them) will be use worldwide. If you jump through all their little hoops, then you will be allowed to use their buildings, like apartments, and have more useless things that people go into debt over in our current consumerist economic system. If you talk back to them, by somehow getting around all their roadblocks online, you will lose massive points and be subject to arrest. If their cameras, for example, with facial-recognition and gait analysis, already in place, see you j-walking… you lose points. If you lose too many then off to the gulags. If you have the bare minimum, then you live in the cockroach, 100 sq ft community-oriented apartment with no travel rights. At the next level you can get the 200 sq ft apartment and you might get the perk of walking in the park in the evening. If you are a really huge suck-up, then you can living similar to the middle class of present day, except not a residential house. The way it will be different is the continuous social scoring, and the apps that bark orders at you reminding you what is a violation all the time. Of course, that will always change to keep you listening to it. Families will not be allowed to live alone as a unit, and everything beyond basic privacy needs like the bathroom will be community oriented. So, you will always have people constantly around annoying the hell out of you. You know, the types that you have to watch out for in an office or other work setting will be the ones who you have to appease continuously and act like you are the alley of to keep from losing points. T

The yuppies of today who are always politically correct and take professionalism to an extreme, you know the ones who jump through all our voluntary hoops like the latest fashions, and how to keep-up with avoiding all the changing feux pas, will be the ones who enforce all of this garbage. They’ll have some exceptions to the scoring made for them, but it won’t be impossible to tumble from favor.

You won’t own anything the WEF says. This is what it could look like. There will be no cars because they represent individuality and/or family, there will only be centralized mass transportation. You will not be allowed outside metro areas, except on very rare occasion because of the “delicate ecosystem” we may disturb. As stated above, your apartment will be very small, just enough for a bed and a tiny bathroom, and this is after you sucked-up sufficiently to get away from the bare minimum community housing. It will be one step up from the gulag. If you are a complete Kool-Aid drinker, the pro vaccine coercion folks of today, then you will have something like the equivalent of a modern average master bedroom/bathroom as an apartment. But, everything else is community, a community kitchen, community living room, etc. You will lose points for being in your bedroom longer than 8 hours though. As you go up in points, little perks are earned like 9 hours instead of 8. You might get calorie card points where you can have an ice-cream or whatever. These are all examples of what their goals could look like.

You know, to “save the planet.” Even if there is climate-_change and eco-system damage, I’d rather see us turn the whole planet into a parking lot. What’s the point if you have to live like that? It’s being phased in right now. It’s not something we can selfishly shrug off for future generation to deal with. We have to do something about it, or we are set to live that way.

Two Outrageous Videos – the Ultra-Wealthy Admit Sustainable Development will Turn us Into Slaves and a Third World Country

In the first video link below… it was produced for the Forum for the Future they say the city called “Planned-opolis”

  • Main character is the narrator. She says her husband works from home (this video was produced around 2009) as a virtual engineer.  – working from home is one of their goals… COVID-19 provided the perfect excuse to implement it within the fortune 500. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. But, it does show this was planned, among other things, and the pandemic gave them reason to do this.
  • A mega computer is in charge – yes, they really say that.
  • One of  the newspapers in the very beginning has a headline “Globe On Low-Carb Diet.”
  • She mentions a calorie ration card. Which means they control what we eat through rationing and micro-management.
  • There won’t be good choices for food and they say there will be no meat (it will be very rare like only for your birthday)
  • They are better off than most and there are ghettos
  • The name of the ghetto is “Cry Freedom ghettos” This implies there is no freedom.
  • Food is distributed and controlled by a “Global Food Council”
  • Transportation is centralized, tightly planned, and controlled. This means your movements are too.
  • We will not have cars in city centers – only the rich. This means no cars at all since everyone has to live in these cities – no rural living. This part is not in the video, but you can look it up, this is the plan of the UN and World Economic Forum.
  • That the state says cars are bad and that we have to meet our carbon agreement. Paris Treaty exists now, but this video was in 2009.
  • That careers are assigned to people, therefore, our jobs will be chosen like the Soviets did.

Propaganda Video of the Future Under Sustainable Development
  • It says very little meat, you won’t own anything. This means we have NO RIGHTS in order to accomplish this. In history, this has proven to be very deadly for people.
  • the U.S. will lose its status and be like the level of Turkey.
  •  They show a bunch of neat futuristic things so it doesn’t look like they are focused on making slaves out of all of us.
  • We will be overrun by refuges like Europe is now. The media ignores how much crime and chaos it is causing nowadays.
    • They’re doing this for a clash of cultures so the existing one will be scrapped and turn into a third world country.
  • Carbon taxes and credits… the cost gets passed onto us on top of losing all of our rights.

World Economic Forum Propaganda Video of what the Future will Look Like as a “Good Thing” for Sustainable Development

Bad Batches of Vaccines

Bad Batches of Vaccines that can only be intentional based on the data – site:

Revelations from Sweden See Sweden
How injuries increase in direct proportion to numbers vaccinated – a causal link. See Size Matters
Vaccine injury / death differs by state. See States
Lot expiry list reveals which lots are biologically active vs placebo. See Lot Expiry Dates page.
Gender differences in response to vaccine. See Gender

Documents submitted “People vs MHRA” See Prosecution docs
Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology. Talks about his vaccine injury.


Repeating the Analysis for All Covid Vaccines
Based on the findings for Pfizer (higher deaths in Red States),
Craig Paardekooper at his site decided to repeat the analysis,
but this time for all covid vaccines together. Here is what he found.

Translated Soviet Document? Nope, New York State

Soviet version of New York’s Flag with Stalin and Communist Symbol

I’ve translated the document below from corporate, political-hack speak so you can see how insane the creeps in power really are:


In addition to establishing more allies statewide, New York State is doing the same thing with organizations that were already zealots of the State’s ideology. This includes the ideology of continuing to have devices work between different organizations nationwide, and striving to push common practices to unify digital health licenses. In doing so, the State allied with the “Push for Vaccine Licenses,” an ideological movement of more than 800 public and private organizations including The Mayo Clinic, Boston Children’s Hospital, Microsoft, MITRE, and The Commons Project Foundations, to license more individuals. In order to license them they will have to carry a privacy-preserving copy of their COVID-19 vaccination record. As a leading United States member of VCI, New York State has monkeyed around with pushing the SMART Health Card standards for states, countries, and other vaccine license issuers.

Note: The Commons Project Foundation is basically an offshoot of the World Economic Forum.

Blue States Pave the Way for Social Scoring in America.

See the letter image included below and note the sentence, “New York State Excelsior Pass Blueprint: A national framework for building and implementing digital health credentials.”
If you look at the term “digital health credentials,” the word credentials has the root “credo.” Credo is Latin for “I believe.” So, the word credential means “I believe your health status.” Who the hell are they to look at our health status in the first place? So, they are saying that these passports are the first of more to come in proving that your health status can be believed. These anti-American passes are being nationally implemented. Interestingly, and probably not coincidently, the phrase “credit score” with the word credit also has the root credo in it. “I believe it that you are socially healthy. China tracks it’s citizens everywhere they go through. They do it all through the cameras they have everywhere using facial recognition and other dystopic biometric tracking measures. In the U.S. we, also have cameras everywhere including the cameras tied to Ring servers and other services like Ring. The Ring servers allow access for law enforcement to review them. All of the private Ring feeds are accessible if the subscriber does not opt out of this option. The tech industry in the U.S. already has everything it needs in place to implement social scoring. It wouldn’t take much to convert these electronic health passes into social scoring apps. Imagine automatically going on the no fly list if your social credit score goes below a certain threshold. China does this. China is obviously the model for a global plan to track and control its population. This includes people who simply disagree with the State’s narrative.

“The nations first health credential blueprint for states.”
You see this sentence when you look at the words “nation,” and “states” (plural) underlined in this letter from New York State’s Governor. These two words mean they have adopted it throughout the whole U.S. and plan to implement it in every State.
The word “first” means there will be more than one reason to prove your health status beyond COVID vaccine status.
Will this be used to track dietary mandates? Will it be used as a social scoring tracking app? It could be argued that functioning socially. in a way the government and Fortune 500 (same thing) approve of, proves your mental health status. The sky is the limit with the level of evil and slavery these passes will enforce. These passes clearly and obviously violates the 4th amendment against unreasonable search. Yes, this is unreasonable. The snake politicians who are pushing this for their kickbacks and the talking heads will say it is legal because the Fortune 500, and private companies in general, are doing this. When you look at historical precedent of how private companies are regulated, no they cannot do this legally.

Also, included in her letter after all the fluff and bullshit that only the dimmest of wits would believe, is the word “interconnected.” Having our health status shared all of the nation at participating restaurants, venues, box retail stores, schools, malls, and so on is actually a scary concept. Having an interconnected network of information sharing about something very personal was laughed-off as conspiracy theory only a few years ago. This despite, the World Economic Forum, and the fortune 500 and wealthy members already pushing this concept. Well, here we are as “conspiracy theorists” pointed out. Conspiracy theory is an ad hominem attack against a reasonable argument a person can make. This doesn’t stop low information people from throwing out that term and thinking, that somehow, this means they legitimately made a valid counter-argument or point.

World Economic Forum, and UN NGO Propaganda Video “Predict” Green Zones in the United States.

There are two videos. One from a United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) , and the other from The World Economic Forum

The first video was produced for the Forum for the Future. The Forum for the Future Trustees include executives from the Fortune 500 as well as those with close ties to the Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and it is listed as a UN Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

It was produced by the non-profit Grain Media. Grain media receives funding from mostly United Nations NGO’s. These organizations split into many other groups that fund each NGO including philanthropists and the fortune 500. They are basically very wealthy and powerful groups with an agenda to change society under the guise of sustainable development. One way to get a glimpse into their agenda is to view this video. It appears to be advocating these “plannedopolis.” The Plannedopolis concept aligns with UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the World Economic Foundation founder’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” also known as the Great Reset. It looks like a green zone with those a regime desires, and everyone else lives in ghettos.

The second video listed above, was put out by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF is a powerful forum group that steers policy worldwide. They shape the world by all meeting and agreeing to implement policies within the Fortune 500, and government. They openly advocate and push for cooperation between government and industry. The WEF calls it “stakeholder capitalism” and their propaganda treats industry and government cooperation like it’s some novel and utopian concept. It’s actually very dangerous and it never worked in the past under feudalism, communism, and fascism.

The WEF proposed using COVID-19 as an opportunity to turn off our existing economy and then turn it back on in a way that they say is “better” for everyone. This is what a reset is, turn off and then back on. It’s like how desktop computers have a reset button. When you push the reset button it to reboot or turn off and then on again When you look at the above two videos, I don’t think they mean “better” in the same way we would think of it. Apparently, better to them means a planned mega city with little or no one owning anything, no United States as we know it, no cars unless you are a WEF member, they choose your job or career, and ghettos of outsiders versus a few who live a bit better in the green zone. That sounds a lot like 1984. The WEF calls it the “great reset” and the UN calls it Agenda 2030. All of these goals have a deadline of mostly 2030 with both WEF and the UN. They like to make it sound as though it benefits everyone. The members and leaders of the WEF are smart enough to know that their “Great Reset” will cause an even greater divide rather than any improvement. It will be much worse than the economic, political, and social divide that we see at present.

Shockingly, the CDC outlines green zones in the United States using COVID-19 as the excuse to do so. It is very likely that politicians and bureaucrats are behind this policy with direct connections to WEF or one of the many UN NGO’s who are pushing for the plannedopolis concept. will own nothing and be happy, Western values will disappear, and the US will be reduced to nothing. – World Economic Forum

In his book, The Great Reset, published ten years prior to COVID-19 pandemic, discusses The Great Reset and how to accomplish it. He argues that we need to take advantage of crises to transform our economy. He uses the financial crises of 2008 to springboard off of, and likens it to the changes that occurred in the late nineteenth century.

Ten years later, COVID-19 comes along, and Kraus Schwab, and the WEF start pushing The Great Reset using the pandemic as the crises to implement it. There is strong evidence that COVID-19 is manmade and it was released from Wuhan lab. Documents from the Pentagon’s science division, DARPA, released documents that show NIH and others attempted to partner with them to create a virus exactly like COVID over in Wuhan, China. DARPA declined for the reason that this violets ethics.

Richard Florida wrote about the Great Reset in 2010:

Richard Florida of the World Economic Forum Wrote a Book about the Great Reset in 2010

Shocking Facts about Common Pass – Health Passports

This is shocking. In 2019, The Commons Project was established to “create digital public infrastructure.” Conveniently COVID came along right away to help provide an urgent reason tp push it. So they were able to do so under the name of The Common Pass (sounds Communist). Fourteen States have adopted Common Pass. One example is NY State. NY bureaucrats clearly used their imagination to its fullest and name rename it to “Excelsior Pass.”

So there are groups in the background who aren’t very familiar to most of the public. They

As an introduction to Common Pass/Excelsior Pass, the Governor’s ridiculous letter on the Excelsior Pass website implies that you can’t do anything without this health pass. She says it’s voluntary even though it’s mandatory unless you want to be stuck at home. I guess if not having the right to go anywhere is a choice then it’s voluntary. She likens it to other Government technology like traffic lights. Eh, no big deal it’s just like a traffic light. Well, the last time I checked traffic lights don’t completely deny you the right to enter a building, or travel from point A to point B. Maybe she means if you end-up at a broken traffic light stuck on red?